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Design Thinking & Human-Centred Design

We help bridge the gap between businesses and their customers through our human-centred design methodology.  

User Research Strategy

Value proposition discovery

Collaborative Design Workshops

High Fidelity Interface Design

Prototyping and Usability Testing

Analytics Analysis and  Reporting

Design Thinking Double Diamond Process

Octagon5 uses design thinking methodology to help businesses assuage assumptions and focus on solving real problems for their customers. 


Discover - gain insights into users attitudes and behaviours.  

A deep understanding of how your customers think and engage with your product and service, allows you to build strong connections and shape experiences that people love. 


Define the solution

Using insights developed in the discover phase allows you to define the challenge in a different way, so that your solution solves a real problem for end users. During this phase, we narrow down the insights and establish the project’s key challenges. 

Develop the idea

From rapid prototyping to quantitative surveys, we help businesses rapidly test their ideas, assuage any ill-informed assumptions and get feedback early so as to ensure the final concept is well informed and will make an impact.


Deliver outcomes 

Delivering outcomes vs outputs is a core value at Octagon5. During this phase, we finalise, produce, and launch projects ensuring that the outcome is mapped against key measures of success. 


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