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Technology solutions which solve real problems, for real people.

Who we are and

What we do

Octagon5 has a highly experienced and knowledgeable team comprising of Business and Procurement Consultants, User Experience Consultants, Mobile and Web Developers, OCR Engineers, and Quality Assurance staff.

Procurement and Accounts Payable Service

Procurement & Accounts Payable Services

Consultants with experience in 
e-invoicing, e-receipting, e-payments and procurement cloud solutions and services for Tier 1 organisations. 

Design Thinking and Human Centred Design

Design Thinking &
Human-centred design 

We help bridge the gap between businesses and their customers through our human-centred design methodology.  


Purebills & HQdocs

Octagon5's flagship products

Purebills & HQdocs helps teams automate their Accounts Payable by eliminating manual data entry, decreasing invoice cycle time and automating invoice approval workflows.

Our Clients

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Octagon5's purebills



Receipts, bills, invoices, bank statements and payments stored in one place, accessible from anywhere

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